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About is part of the UKs leading manufacturer and distributor of decorative plaster mouldings. We have thousands of linear metres of coving available now at our factory in North Yorkshire.

Decorative Plaster Coving manage a national installer network of tradesmen.

Plain Ogee Plaster Coving 
60mm x 80mm

Plain Ogee Plaster Coving
60mm x 80mm zpc1079-100

traditional ogee plaster coving

Traditional Ogee Plaster Coving
Small 85mm x 100mm zpc1072-135
Medium 114mm x 134mm zpc1072-180
Large 120mm x 160mm zpc1072-200

deep ogee plaster coving

Deep Ogee Plaster Coving
88mm x 80mm zpc1095-120

fluted plaster coving

Fluted Plaster Coving
127mm x 130mm zpc1020-177

Spartan plaster coving

Spartan Plaster Coving
Small 70mm x 70mm zpc1070-100
Medium 85mm x 85mm zpc1070-120
Large 115mm x 115mm zpc1070-160
Extra Large 130mm x 130mm zpc1070-180

Fleur de Lys Plaster Coving
95mm x 110mm zpc1034-145

Stepped art-deco plaster coving

Stepped Art Deco Plaster coving
58mm x 78mm zpc1087-95

lancaster plaster coving

Lancaster Plaster Coving
Small 75mm x 90mm zpc1073-120
Medium 90mm x 95mm zpc1073-130
Large 106mm x 110mm zpc1073-153

Concave Plaster Coving
Small 85mm x 85mm zpc1080-113
Medium 100mm x 100mm zpc1080-135

lancaster plaster coving

Victorian Ornate Plaster Coving
Small 92mm x 100mm zpc1036-136
Medium 125mm x 140mm zpc1036-185
Large 200mm x 223mm zpc1036-300

lancaster plaster coving

Dentil Egg and Dart Plaster Coving
80mm x 90mm zpc1047-120

lancaster plaster coving

Angular Plaster Coving
90mm x 120mm zpc1068-150

Decorative Plaster Ceiling Roses

Plaster Ceiling roses from have a great range of traditional plaster ceiling roses available for immediate delivery .

plain plaster ceiling roses

Plain Plaster Ceiling Roses

egg and dart plaster ceiling roses

Egg and Dart Plaster Ceiling Roses

tramline plaster ceiling roses

Tramline Plaster Ceiling Roses

large plain dentil plaster ceiling Roses

Large Plain Dentil Plaster Ceiling Roses

large roped plaster ceiling roses

Large Roped Plaster Ceiling Roses

royal acanthus plaster ceiling roses

Royal Acanthus Plaster Ceiling Roses

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